I cut my hair

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Yes, I know… Those who know me from the very beginning may remember this article I wrote a few months ago in which I was arguing that I wouldn’t cut my hair for anything in the world! Well, sit down friend, I’m gonna explain why I had to change my mind… 

As I wrote in my article « I Want A Change », I dyed my hair twice this summer:  once in June and once in July. I was happy, I had fifty shades of beautiful honey hair. But soon enough, my hair started to fade. Then, its split ends multiplicated.  It was awful : it looked like hay.

I never wanted to cut my hair but then, it just broke in spite of me. It kept on getting shorter and shorter. It became unavoidable: I had to cut it! 

I went to Frank Provost and had a hair care + a shampoo + a cut + a brushing. Besides, before, I had to pay the « long hair » price. Yesterday, I got to pay the « half-long hair » price… When I got into the hairdresser:

Me: Hello. So my hair is damaged… 

Hairstylist: Yes, indeed…

How stressed I was! The last time I cut my hair, it was 10 years ago. The last time I had such short hair, I was in 5th grade… But in opposition with the coloring when I needed time to get used to it and like, I instantly loved it this time!

I love my hair. I have a long face so I thought that short hair wouldn’t fit. Yet, my hair is just perfect right now! It’s soft and straight and actually, short hair is easier to brush and to wash.

To conclude: I will NEVER ever dye my hair again.I have neither the patience nor the motivation to take care of it afterwards. And short hair is actually cool!